Sea Trials of Project 11982 “Ladoga” in Progress

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July 5, 2018 – At the Pella shipbuilding plant in St. Petersburg, the factory running trials of the Ladoga main test ship project 11982, built for the Russian Navy by the Almaz Central Naval Design Bureau, began. The tests will take place in the waters of Lake Ladoga and the Gulf of Finland.

The vessel is designed to test various technical means, participate in search and rescue operations, conduct research and oceanographic work.

The length of the vessel is 63.08 m, width is 10.8 m, the draft is about 3.8 m, the speed is 12 knots, the crew is 16 people. The range of navigation with an economic speed of 10 knots is 1000 nautical miles. Autonomy for provisions and fresh water reserves – 20 days.