Russian Black Sea Fleet Tug BUK-2190 Delivered

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July 4, 2018 – State Acceptance Commission signed the Act of the raid tug “BUK-2190” Poject 04690, page # 462 
Soon the ship will be handed over to the State Customer and will be part of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation.

The tug is designed to perform towing and crocheting operations in the port, on raids, river and sea areas, as well as to extinguish fires and other functions.

Main technical parameters:
Length overall 20.4 m
Width overall 8,5 m
Draft 2.5 m
Self-floating in shallow ice at a speed of 5 knots 0.7 m
Swimming in a canal behind an icebreaker in solid ice 0.65 m
Speed 10.5 knots
Glyph of class KM    Ice 3 R3-RSN AUT3 Tug on the classification of PC.
The propulsion complex VRK US 105/1850, UFS in the nozzle
Power 2×448 kW at 1800 rpm

Deck equipment:

  • bow anchor-tow-mooring winch with pulling force on the chain of 33 kN and holding force on the belt brake of the towing cable 294 kN;
  • Towing hook with a nominal pulling force of 137 kN with a quick-response device.

The tug is also equipped with a crane with a lifting capacity of 280 kg in the winch mode at the boom of 5 m. 
To extinguish fires, the ship is equipped with an external fire extinguishing system (capacity up to 100 m3 / h, 2 water monitors, water curtain system).