Pacific Fleet Submarine Forces are 80 years of age

The history of the Pacific Fleet (PF) Submarine Forces began on 2 July 1938, when according to the decision of the PF Military Council three submarines – L-7, L-9 and L-10 of a division of the brigade of submarines – were redeployed from Vladivostok to Kamchatka.

From the first days of the Great Patriotic War, submariners formed a detachment of volunteers, who fought in the strength of the Marine Infantry. The task of the remaining forces was to be constantly ready to repel the attack of the Japanese army, which was stationed on the Northern Kuril Islands, in the immediate vicinity of Kamchatka.

During the war and during peacetime 17 submariners of the Pacific Fleet were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, and two submariners – the title of Hero of Russia.

Currently, the Pacific Fleet’s Red Banner Submarine Forces are a powerful association of strategic nuclear-powered missile cruisers and nuclear-powered submarine cruisers with cruise missiles, which performs the tasks on safeguarding the eastern borders of Russia. In recent times, the strength of the Pacific Fleet’s Submarine Forces was replenished with the new Borey-Class strategic nuclear-powered missile cruisers – Aleksandr Nevsky and Vladimir Monomakh. There are plans to upgrade and re-arm the Project 949A nuclear-powered missile cruisers for new weapons. According to the Pacific Fleet Commander, these submarines will be adapted for the Kalibr-PL cruise missile system. Practical work is already being done at the plant ‘Zvezda’ in the Primorye Territory and, highly likely, one of the upgraded submarine cruisers will enter the permanent readiness forces of the Pacific Fleet after 2021.

As a result of last year, the Pacific Fleet Submarine Forces won six of the seven first places in combat training competitions for the Prize of the Navy Commander-in-Chief. PF submariners were awarded the Challenge Prize for ballistic missile firings from submerged position. The crew of the nuclear-powered submarine Tomsk was announced as the best in striking at sea target with cruise missiles, and the multipurpose nuclear-powered submarine Kuzbass took the first place for carrying out torpedo attack. The crew of the latter also won a prize as the best among the submarine crews of all the Fleets.