New generation catamarans to join Russian Navy

Three newest Project 23370G hydrographic boats will be serially built for the Russian Navy at the enterprise KAMPO according to the three-year state contract. These boats’ design meets the latest requirements of the Navy High Main Command for such vessels.

Project 23370G hydrographic boats are intended for buoy-laying and hydrographic works, setting up and maintenance of floating warning buoys, delivering maintenance personnel, repair crews, food, fuel and other cargoes to onshore navigation equipment facilities, including those located on unequipped coasts.

Using surveying echo sounders these boats will have the ability to sound the depths at places, where floating warning buoys are set.

It is planned to lay down a lead Project 23370G multifunctional hydrographic module catamaran at the enterprise KAMPO in the third quarter of 2018 for the Russian Navy Hydrographic Service. It will be the first hydrographic catamaran-class vessel built in the interests of the Navigation and Oceanography Directorate of the RF Ministry of Defence.

Project 23370G multifunctional modular hydrographic boat was developed in elaboration of Projects 23370 and 23370M boats, which are being produced by the enterprise KAMPO near Moscow for the Navy Search-and-Rescue Forces and have already proved themselves in terms of efficiency.

The boat displacement will be about 140 tons.