‘It’s a game changer’ – Navy members excited by Future Frigate force

Navy people were taking in the news on Friday that UK firm BAE Systems had been selected as the preferred tenderer for the largest peacetime naval shipping construction project in Australia’s history.

BAE’s Global Combat Ship – Australia has been assessed as the capability best suited for our nation, providing the Australian Defence Force with the highest levels of lethality and deterrence our major surface combatants need in periods of global uncertainty.

Lieutenant Commander Luke Bogan watched the big announcement from his workplace, at the Osborne Naval Shipyard in South Australia. Luke has himself recently been assigned as Marine Engineering Officer (MEO) to another high tech capability – the Air Warfare Destroyer NUSHIP Brisbane, which has recently completed sea trials.

He said news of who will build the new frigates had been met with great interest among his shipmates.

“It’s obviously very early days, but this will be a game changer for Navy.

“As we watched the announcement, I think we all understood that we were witnessing something pretty historic.”

The Future Frigates will be more capable than the Anzac Class frigates they will replace. Their primary mission is anti-submarine warfare, and they will have sufficient range and endurance to operate effectively throughout maritime South East Asia and will be able to be deployed globally.

“The capabilities the Hunter Class will have are very impressive,” Lieutenant Commander Bogan said.

“There are junior sailors and officers reading this now who might well be serving in HMAS Flinders when it rolls off the production line.

“The Hunter class will give us the future force we need in uncertain times.”