Infanta Elena Home From Africa Deployment

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The Patrolman of Height “Infanta Elena”, has docked today in the quay of the Curra of the Arsenal of Cartagena. During the last four months, it has contributed to improve Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea and West Africa, monitoring maritime traffic, making a naval presence and supporting Spanish flagship and vessels in areas currently affected by piracy, immigration and fishing illegal.

The manning of the ship was received by the Admiral of the Maritime Action Force, Vice Admiral Manuel de la Puente Mora-Figueroa, in addition to the main military authorities of Cartagena and many family and friends.

Throughout the deployment in which he has sailed more than 15,000 nautical miles, he has made stops in Mauritania, Cape Verde, Senegal, Ghana, Cameroon, Gabon, Sao Tome and Principe and Angola. In all of them, it has carried out activities of Cooperative Security and Bilateral Military Cooperation with their respective Armed Forces in order to improve their military capabilities and thus be able to face the different threats.

In addition, in Cape Verde and Mauritania has conducted several patrols combined with personnel and means of their respective marines with the mission of monitoring and joint maritime safety in their waters of responsibility.

In March he participated in the international exercises ‘Obangame Express’ led by the United States, based on the Yaoundé Code of Conduct, in order to establish a climate of cooperation between the nations of West and Central Africa to counteract terrorist actions as well as Illegal fishing and other illegal activities in the maritime environment.

In the international exercises 19 African and 11 European nations participated, showing their commitment to carry out maritime security and surveillance operations through cooperation between countries and thereby improving the interoperability of the forces involved.

The Defense Diplomacy Plan (DD) is a plan made by the Ministry of Defense at a bilateral level with the allied countries and partners of Spain, with the purpose of promoting compliance with the objectives of the defense policy such as the prevention of conflicts or strengthening of security capabilities. Throughout its deployment of four months, the Patrolman of Height “Infanta Elena” has lent support to the Spanish diplomatic delegations present in different countries, receiving on board seven ambassadors of Spain and more than forty ambassadors of other nations.

The commander of the ship is the corvette captain Álvaro Zaragoza Ruiz and currently has a staff of 91 people. For this deployment it has had an Operational Security Team (EOS) of Marine Infantry that has reinforced its capabilities.