ARA Granville Arrived at Puerto Belgrano

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He participated in the search for the fishing boat “Rigel” and was part of the events for the Day of the Flag in Puerto Madryn. The ship’s crew received training in order to deepen and expand knowledge in different areas.

In navigation – The corvette ARA “Granville” entered in the afternoon of yesterday to the dock of Puerto Belgrano after participating in the search for the fishing vessel “Rigel”, which was declared in emergency on June 8.

The unit, dependent on the Maritime Patrol Division with a seat in Mar del Plata, was also part of the celebrations for the Day of the Flag in the city of Puerto Madryn.

In its navigation to Puerto Belgrano, different training and instruction activities were carried out in the corvette “Granville”, which are permanent in each unit of the Argentine Navy and represent a fundamental pillar for operating, maintaining and preserving the safety of all the systems on board.

Fire fighting simulations, control of breakdowns, abandonment role, use and handling of lifeguards and medical evacuation were practiced. In these maneuvers all the personnel are involved contributing and exchanging knowledge.

The officers and non-commissioned officers of the corvette, which is under the command of Captain Martin Edgardo Méndez, are responsible for training their subordinate personnel through exhibitions and talks in the different chambers. There, knowledge, ideas, experiences are exchanged and doubts are evacuated, from technical aspects to navigation.

In this regard, the Second Commander, Corvette Captain Mauricio Gabriel Dunel, said: “In navigation we always take the maximum time to generate spaces for training; The purpose is to strengthen the particular and group knowledge. Working as a team demands that we all be aware of each area of ​​the ship; that is why we all have to handle the same operative language to achieve the success of the mission. ”

“The ultimate goal of these practices is for the personnel to know the means available to the unit and the regulated procedures to reduce any risk or unexpected situation during a navigation,” Captain Dunel concluded.

With the collaboration of members of the Tactical Diversion Group, the personnel on board were trained in techniques of Visit, Registration and Capture (VRC), an exercise that was carried out jointly with the ARA transport “San Blas Bay” that was in the zone as a logistic support.

It should be noted that these practices are framed within the training and training plan of the unit, forming part of the activity in navigation.

In the last stage to Puerto Belgrano, different health talks were held on board by the medical frigate Lieutenant María Florencia Palacios.

The dissertations were carried out in the camaraderie of non-commissioned officers where all the personnel attended. “It is important that staff have advice on these issues to achieve greater knowledge of their health / disease processes,” said the doctor.

“The talk was very positive because many people got doubts, through questions,” concluded Lieutenant Palacios.