Somme integrated into the European Maritime Force

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On 19 June 2018, Vice Admiral Gouveia e Melo, Portuguese Commander of the European Maritime Force, at the Naval Base in Lisbon, declared the EUROMARFOR Group, composed of the Portuguese frigate Corte Real , of the Spanish frigate Canarias , to be activated. the Italian frigate Scirocco and the Somme command and supply building (BCR) .

First integrated into the Swordfish 2018 operational training organized by the Portuguese Navy, the group will then join Mauritania to develop maritime cooperation as part of the annual MCE exercise ( multicooperative exercise). This operational training, organized by EUROMARFOR, is part of the “5 + 5” dialogue, a meeting place for countries located on both sides of the Mediterranean basin.

EUROMARFOR is a non-permanent naval force involving France, Portugal, Spain and Italy. As part of the European Union’s defense and security policy, it provides humanitarian missions, peacekeeping and peace-building, crisis prevention and maritime security. Deployable within the EU, NATO or under the mandates of another international organization (UN or OSCE), it is rotated every two years. Currently provided by COMNAV (Portuguese Naval Commander), the command will be sent to France in 2019.

About the 5 + 5 initiative

The “5 + 5 Defense” Initiative is a forum for cooperation between the riparian countries of the Western Mediterranean, which promotes mutual knowledge and allows to address issues related to security. The maritime component of this initiative is primarily concerned with surveillance and maritime safety.