Last campaign for Euro, Aviere and Driade

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On June 24th, the Euro frigate, the Aviere team patrol boat and the Navy Driade corvette have left La Spezia to start their last naval campaign that will see them visit some of the Tyrrhenian Sea ports, before the final return to their respective bases in sight of the imminent radiation from the military ship.

The three naval units have recently participated in the International Arsenal of La Spezia at the international showcase of blue-economy excellence “Sea Future 2018” and in the next few days will sail along two separate itineraries to “greet” Italy and Italians: ‘Euro and the Aviere will support in the ports of Salerno, Reggio Calabria and Crotone before returning to Taranto, while the Driade will stop in the cities of Gaeta and Piombino, before returning to Augusta.

These will be the last opportunities to visit these glorious representatives of a part of the history of the Navy, which will soon be abandoned after more than 30 years of activity in the service of the country.

During their last sailing, the frigate Euro, under the command of the frigate captain Nicol√≤ Pisani, and the Squadra Aviere patrol, under the command of the frigate captain Bruno Viafora, will also have the important role of training the staff of the Military Naval School ” Francesco Morosini “. In fact, on board of both naval units the Allievi of the 2nd course of the prestigious training institute based in Venice are boarded, who will thus face their first boarding experience on the Navy Units, following the vigorous program training in the marine industry, security, navigation and ethical-military.

For the Navy, the formation of young people of our country is fundamental for the culture and respect for the sea in order to enable them to play a leading role in safeguarding and enhancing their territory and, at the same time, for the students of the Naval School. Morosini this period also represents a moment of personal growth and an opportunity for knowledge and contact for a more informed choice of the path of future life.

With the cancellation of the roles of the military ship of the three ships, continues the process of adjustment of the Navy fleet in progress for some years which saw the divestiture, for usury and age, of many naval units: the frigates Mistral and Aliseo, the corvette Minerva, Sibilla, Danaide, Urania, the offshore patrolmen Bersagliere, Grenadier and Artillery and the Lerici and Sapri minesweepers.

The Euro frigate, the offshore patrol Aviere and the corvette Driade, will end their operational life on July 16th.