Electronic War Exercise in the Mediterranean

Between the 18th and the 22nd of June the Electronic Warfare exercise “EWX-18” took place in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Led by the Commander of the 31st Escoltas Squadron, he had the participation of the amphibious ship Castilla and the frigates Méndez Núñez, Cristóbal Colón and Reina Sofía.

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The EWX-18 is a national naval exercise designed to verify and improve the operational capabilities of the electronic warfare systems of ships and aimed at increasing the training of their endowments in the use of electronic warfare means and procedures (EW ) in a scenario that involves the detection and identification of individual and collective anti-missile and anti-missile reactions.

The exercise consisted of 36 events over a period of almost 55 hours, spread over five days. Apart from these, the rest of the time has been used in collective training in other areas of naval warfare and in the control of the platforms, without interfering with the main objectives. Its beneficiaries, in addition to the endowments, have been the ensigns of the frigate fifth-year students of the Naval School, marine guards and Argentine students embarked on internships in the aforementioned units.

For the preparation, execution and analysis of the exercise, there have been numerous collaborating units, belonging to the Navy, the Air Force and NATO.