Colombian Defense Sector is present at FIMA 2018

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Between June 20 and 23, the Defense sector will participate in the sixth edition of the International Environment Fair, FIMA 2018, which will show some of the capabilities of the Colombian Public Force that is at the disposal of the protection of the nation’s strategic ecosystems.

With a staging of more than 1,200 square meters, the Military Forces and the National Police, accompanied by Cotecmar, the Colombian Ocean Commission (CCO) and the Civil Defense, will present the lines of work and activities developed in the protection of the biodiversity, in support in the fight against deforestation, actions against illegal mining and the manual eradication of illicit crops.

“This new scenario that we have in Colombia has allowed the capabilities of the Public Force to turn to the defense and protection of our ecosystems, páramos and watersheds; we want to show in this fair what we have been doing in the fight against deforestation, against illegal mining, in the protection of our páramos and scientific expeditions like the one led by the National Navy in Antarctica, which contribute to the analysis of the different phenomena that mean climate change, “said Deputy Minister for Policies and International Affairs, Aníbal Fernández de Soto.

In this version of the biennial fair FIMA, each of the institutions of the Public Force will make available to visitors information with their main achievements in the protection of the country’s ecosystems, as well as the challenges they face every day in the fight against the Illegal Armed Groups that seek to take advantage of the resources of all Colombians.

“Here we want to demonstrate that the Defense Sector is a strategic ally of environmental authorities in the protection of our ecosystems, our nation’s heritage.”