HMS Westminster Receives First Ever RAS From RFA Tidespring

Other ships have practised – including future flagship HMS Queen Elizabeth but HMS Westminster became the first Royal Navy vessel to receive fuel on operations from the Fleet’s newest tanker, RFA Tidespring.

Fellow tanker RFA Wave Knight and Westminster’s HMS Sutherland had previously proved the Tide-class ship’s capabilities during her sea trials last year.

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The Royal Fleet Auxiliary is one of four built to refuel the new Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers and her task group when at sea.

Measuring just over 200 meters in length and with a top speed of 27 knots, RFA Tidespring is a welcome addition to the fleet.

Even though it was raining on the approach to the vessel, there was still a sense of occasion on Westminster’s upper deck. It was clear to see the crew were proud to be working with another British naval ship.