28th Chinese Escort Task Force Visits Cameroon

The 28th escort task force of the Chinese PLA Navy arrived at Douala Port, Cameroon on Monday, local time, for a three-day friendly visit. This is the second leg of its outgoing visit voyages.

The Chinese naval vessels docked at approximately 16:00. Chinese Ambassador to Cameroon Wang Yingwu, Chinese military attaché to Cameroon Chai Xiaojiang, Cameroon naval officers, representatives from China-funded organizations and local overseas Chinese welcomed the taskforce at the port.

The main leaders of Cameroon side and the Chinese Embassy to Cameroon visited the guided-missile frigate Yancheng (Hull 546) while the representatives from China-funded organizations and local overseas Chinese visited the guided-missile frigate Weifang (Hull 550) of the 28th Chinese naval escort taskforce.

During the visit, the commanding officers of the taskforce will call on the military and government officials of Cameroon. They will also visit Cameroon’s naval shipyard constructed with Chinese aid. The naval officers and soldiers of China and Cameroon will also hold professional exchanges and sport competitions.

The 28th Chinese naval escort taskforce left for Cameroon after wrapping up its visit to Ghana. Prior to that, the Chinese naval taskforce and the Ghana Navy carried out joint maritime drills in formation movement, ship-to-ship communications and other subjects, deepening cooperation and exchanges and enhancing mutual trust and friendship.

Located at the southwest coastal plain of Cameroon and 25 kilometers away from the Atlantic Ocean, Douala is the largest port city of Cameroon. Since the establishment of the diplomatic ties between China and Cameroon in 1971, the bilateral relations have been developing steadily. The two countries and two militaries have conducted sincere cooperation in various fields.