CNN MCO Support Contract Renewed

CNN MCO was notified a few days ago the renewal of the contract of the MCO of the High Seas Patrollers for the next 10 years. For the second time, we are taking over the maintenance of the former Avisos A69 , renamed PHM because of the evolution of their missions, which are more focused on maritime surveillance and public service missions (rescue, marine police).

CNN MCO will therefore accompany these vessels whose average age is 34 until their end of life with progressive operations of withdrawal of active service. CNN MCO will intervene from its structures Toulonnaise and Brestoise , the fleet remaining distributed between these two ports.

As always, CNN MCO will provide the Fleet Support Service with cost-effective and reliable solutions taking into account the remaining life of each vessel until the arrival of their replacement scheduled by the Batsimar program by 2025 for first units.

The teams of CNN MCO , for a majority of former sailors of the Navy and Merchant Navy, will be keen to invest for the crews.