Unique distant cruise of training ship Perekop is successful

“The training ship Perekop’s cruise, organized by the Navy High Command, has clearly proved the effectiveness of “sailorizing” cadets of the Naval Institute (Peter the Great Marine Corps) in different areas of the World Ocean taking into account the navigational features of 15 seas, various straits and gulfs,” Rear Admiral Eduard Luik, the Chief Navy Navigator, reported to the Navy CINC after the ship’s arrival in Vladivostok on 3 June.

Commander-in-Chief of the Navy Admiral Vladimir Korolyov congratulated the crew on the successful fulfilment of the two-month cruise and the Naval Institute cadets on their real maritime baptism. He also ordered Rear-Admiral Vladimir Sokolov, the highest rank aboard and Naval Institute Chief, “to sum up the results of the training ship Perekop voyage from Sevastopol to Vladivostok in order to pass them among naval educational institutions to be used for organizing cadet seamanship.”

The Navy CINC made a point of preparing the training ship’s sailing from Vladivostok to Murmansk, and then to Kronstadt. “For the first time the cadets and crew aboard Perekop will pass along the Northern Sea Route and will have a unique practical experience. It is necessary to carefully prepare the ship, her materiel for navigation in the Arctic conditions and to take a closer look at preparing cadets of the S.O. Makarov Pacific Higher Naval School for the forthcoming cruise to be commenced in the first decade of August.