Chevalier Paul Fires Aster Missile

Google Translation

On May 30, 2018, after weeks of preparation and close collaboration with the DGA and the MBDA company, the air defense frigate Chevalier Paul comes in a few seconds to carry out an Aster 30 anti-aircraft missile fire with its system. PAAMS weapons, on a standalone target, thus confirming its ability to react rapidly to a missile threat in the coastal environment.

As part of this training called “Alligator”, closer to what he performs regularly in operations, the Chevalier PaulIts mission was to escort and protect a valuable unit (aircraft carrier type building or projection and command building) cruising in a proven danger zone missiles implemented from the coastal batteries of a country in crisis. For POWER, this is a new opportunity to exploit its air defense capabilities of a naval force, in conditions close to reality. The threat, simulated by a self-propelled target, launched and piloted from the DGA test center on the island of Levant off Toulon, is closer in speed and kinematics to the real conditions of those missiles that are potentially confronted buildings in operations.

The result is up to expectations: the target is detected, classified “hostile”, engaged and destroyed as soon as possible. The protection mission is fulfilled!

The effectiveness of weapons systems of combat vessels is thus regularly confirmed by missile or artillery fire in the context of realistic exercises and consistent with the threats they face on mission. The key is not just to s