HMS Ramsey sails to join NATO Task Force

HMS Ramsey sailed from her base port of HMNB Clyde to join the Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1 (SNMCMG1) on a rare dry and fine morning in Faslane last week.

As part of the UK’s commitment to NATO, Ramsey joins SNMCMG1 as part of a multi-national Mine Countermeasures (MCM) Group providing the NATO Response Force Commanders with a fully-integrated MCM capability for operations.

This also includes the responsibility for disposal of historical ordnance left over from conflicts in the Northern European maritime region, as well as participation in exercises and strategic Defence Engagement activities.

Lieutenant Commander Peter Ware, Commanding Officer of HMS Ramsey and MCM1 Crew 8 said, “The opportunity to contribute to SNMCMG1 provides a fantastic opportunity to contribute to a fully-integrated MCM capability on operations.

“Exercising alongside forces from Belgium, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Germany, Denmark and Norway provides both visible assurance and the demonstration of a variety of maritime capabilities to both our NATO Allies and potential aggressors.”

With the Crew having returned from a seven-month deployment to Operation Kipion in December 17, during the period leading up to this deployment, Ramsey was put through her paces to ensure that both she and her crew were at full readiness to deploy.

This included a period of Directed Continuation Training (DCT) requiring a demonstration of the full breadth of capability Ramsey offers as a Mine Counter Measures Vessel.

Before HMS Ramsey deployed from the UK, MCM1 Commanding Officer Commander Nicholas Unwin RN addressed the ship’s company praising their hard work.

He said, “HMS Ramsey and MCM1 Crew 8 are ready to join their NATO colleagues operating in and around Northern Europe. It will be a different environment from the Crew’s last deployment to the Arabian Gulf which completed just five months ago and having done a quick turnaround, they are back out at the forefront of the UK’s globally deployed Mine Countermeasures force.

“The Crew has worked hard to get to this day and I am certain it will be a rewarding period for them.”

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