Almirante Lynch Deploys for RIMPAC May 24th

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Valparaíso In the framework of the departure of the frigate “Almirante Lynch” held on Thursday, May 24, all the Naval personnel gathered on the flight deck, who between June 27 and August 2 will be representing the Chilean Navy and the country. in the twenty-sixth version of the exercise “Rim of the Pacific”, RIMPAC 2018, carried out on the coasts of Hawaii.

In this new realization of the most important international naval and maritime exercise in the world, Chile will have a leading role as the first non-English speaking country to lead the Maritime Component, that is, an official of the Chilean Navy will coordinate the movements and deployment of more than 50 ships, 5 submarines, 200 aircraft (between helicopters and airplanes) and more than 25 thousand naval servers.

The Chief of Navy Training, Commodore Pablo Niemann will be the Commander of the Maritime Component, having to lead the naval actions to be developed, for which there has been an arduous prior preparation. “This is a unique and historic opportunity that just happens in the framework of the celebration of the Bicentennial of the Navy.” In addition, the Commodore explained that “our Institution has always been concerned about the national development, the establishment and protection of our interests both in the country and abroad and this is an exercise that seeks in its foundations the security and stability in the Basin of the Pacific that is so important for our national development.”

To fully comply with this great responsibility that has been granted to the Chilean Navy, Commodore Niemann will travel with a Staff composed of 52 servers among Officers and Seafarers that will allow him to centralize the information and make the most appropriate decisions for the management of fictitious crises that the exercise is presenting.

Capabilities in the operational field

Another of the great milestones that will be carried out during this new version of RIMPAC 2018, is that for the first time our Marines will participate in the Amphibious Task Force, developing activities with Marine Infantry from different countries. the possibility of measuring the preparation and training, mainly with the Marines.

This task will fall to a platoon of infantrymen, composed of 35 naval personnel belonging to the Miller Battalion who will be led by Second Lieutenant Infantryman Ernesto Iribarne who explained that “this will be an opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities we have and we will to test our training to operate with Marinas from other countries. ”

The start of a trip of 3 and a half months

At midday and to the sound of the bagpipes that played the song “Scotland the Brave” more than a hundred excited family and friends said goodbye, on Thursday, May 24, of the envelope of 220 naval servers of the frigate “Almirante Lynch” that began its long journey to participate in RIMPAC 2018.

The Commander of the Unit, Captain Daniel Muñoz explained that the hard training gives him the tranquility and confidence that they will have a good participation, “I am with many expectations we have prepared ourselves both professionally and personally, it will be a long time away from house, so we have to take care of the human capital that is the main tool that the Unit has “.

The vessel is expected to return to the port of San Diego on June 10 to join the USS Carrier Task Force “Carl Vinson” to finally land in Hawaii on June 25.