Patiño returns to Ferrol from Operation Atalanta

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Combat supply vessel “Patiño” returned to Ferrol May 10th after completing her participation in the operation “Atalanta” of the European Union, which began last November. This deployment, which is the third carried out by the “Patiño” in the operation, has had a total duration of 188 days, constituting the longest since the delivery of the ship to the Navy.

The act of reception was chaired by the Chief Admiral of the Military Arsenal of Ferrol.

The “Patiño”, under the command of the frigate captain Ricardo Jaime Fernández López, is a combat supply vessel with an approximate capacity of nine million liters of fuel and 2,000 cubic meters of ammunition, material and provisions. Its staff consists of 150 people. During this deployment, he counted on board with an SH-60B helicopter of the 10th aircraft squadron, as well as with an operational security team (EOS), a team of the Special Naval Warfare Force (SOMTU) and personnel of the Military Corps. of Health (ROLE 1 with dentist).