FS Commandant L’Herminier & Cassiopeia in Joint Warrior 2018

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The High Seas Patrolman (RHP) Commander L’Herminier , alongside the Cassiopée and Andromède Tripartite Mine Hunters (CMT) , a Nuclear Attacking Submarine (SNA) and a Detachment of the 21F , participated in Joint Warrior 18.1 .

In Faslane (Scotland), the French sailors participated in the presentation of this complete and imposing training by the quality of the means deployed and the complexity of the scenario and the programmed exercises. More than 10 000 soldiers (sailors, airmen and land) train for two weeks.

Upon arrival in the Hebrides and Minches lochs, the high seas patrolman was integrated into Task Group 606.1, alongside NATO partner ships (Danish, Spanish, German, Turkish and American), successfully numerous planned trainings: tactical evolutions, anti-aircraft and counter-fire exercises, air defense in a scrambled environment, asymmetric and anti-submarine combat.

This operational training is an excellent opportunity for the teams of the bridge and the central operations to reclaim the specific know-how of operations “in squadron”.

Cassiopeia and crew resumed the sea at the end of April. Upon completion of her Operational Upgrade Course (RANO), Cassiopeia set sail for Northern Scotland to participate in Exercise Joint Warrior 18.1. Being part of an allied mine warfare force under English command, the minesweeper has demonstrated French know-how in the field of mine warfare, including being the hunter who has detected and identified the most mines.

Placing the vessel in a realistic operational scenario, the exercise also allowed the crew to confront the difficult task of working within a force, under permanent asymmetric threat and with a distant chain of command.

After a week of operation ending with a redeployment of the Task Group to the south of Scotland, allowing the ship to sail in force through the famous Scottish “sounds”, the Cassiopée once greeted her British companions and handed her the cape towards Brest.

Joint Warrior is a high-level training organized by the British Army (Royal Navy and Royal Air Force) to provide joint tactical training, in which allied or partner units and their staffs perfect their tactics of combat and combat. their capacity for integration and interoperability, with a view to their potential employment within the framework of a Joint and Joint Task Force.

This operational training takes place twice a year, in the spring and fall. It allows to set up a series of scenarios including crisis situations and conflicts such as terrorist attacks or piracy operations likely to be encountered in operation. Bringing together air, surface, submarine and amphibious forces, it is specially organized for maritime engagement training.

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