Severomorsk and Vitse-Admiral Kulakov Conduct ASW Training in Barents Sea

The Northern Fleet ship search-and-strike group composed of the major ASW ships Severomorsk and Vice Admiral Kulakov are holding the test tactical drill on searching for and destroying the simulated enemy’s submarine.

The exercise contains several stages in the Northern Fleet ranges in the Barents Sea led by the commanding officer of an anti-submarine brigade Captain 1 Rank Andrei Klimenko.

The ships are to work out interaction with each other, as well as with nuclear-powered and diesel-electric submarines and ASW aircraft, master new tactical methods of joint search for a submarine. The ship crews are also to exercise in damage control on the move when receiving holes, simulated combat damages, getting fires or emergency situations. There were also successful drills on radiological, chemical and biological defence.

The test tactical exercise of the NF search-and-strike group in the Barents Sea will last a few more days. After various options of searching for submarines, the ships will perform the tasks of engaging the simulated submarine enemy and will conduct torpedo firing with practical ammunition.