Barroso Returns to Rio de Janeiro April 21 from UNIFIL

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Navy ship that participated in a peace mission in Lebanon returns to Rio de Janeiro Corvette Barroso, who participated for six months in “banon’s peacekeeping mission, will at the Almirante Castro e Silva Base, in Niterói-RJ, next Saturday, April 21, at 10 o’clock.

Corvette Barroso served as the flagship of the Maritime Task Force of the Interim Force of United Nations of Lebanon (FTM-UNIFIL) between September 2017 and March of this year, continuity to the peacekeeping mission led by the United Nations. This Task Force is aimed at preventing the entry into the Lebanese territory of illegal weapons and material in addition to contributing to the military training of the Lebanese Navy. It should be noted that this is the only maritime peacekeeping task force under the aegis of the UN in operation and, since 2011, is commanded by an Admiral of the Brazilian Navy.

Designed by the Board of Naval Engineering and built by the Navy Arsenal of Rio January, the Corvette Barroso was launched at sea on December 20, 2002 and incorporated into the Navy of Brazil on August 19, 2008. Its displacement is 2,400 tons, it has autonomy to remain 30 days at sea without interruption, 30 knots. To carry out Operation Lebanon XII, the ship had a crew of 180 military personnel, who will reunite their families after nine months of leaving their homes.