“I love the Navy as my life”

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Tamara Micaela is aboard the frigate ARA “Libertad” and is part of the 47th Instructional Trip. Its main objective, during the eight months of navigation, is to demand the maximum to be able to graduate as an officer of the Argentine Navy.

The Marine Guard in the Tamara Micaela Arias Commission is 22 years old and is a native of San Miguel de Tucumán. The young woman is part of the 47th Instructional Trip of the frigate ARA “Libertad” and lives the experience of navigating the seas of Latin America and the Caribbean in order to complete her training as a future officer.

In dialogue with Gaceta Marinera, he remembers his time at the Naval Military School (ESNM) and gets excited. “The truth is that they were very nice and sacrificed four years; It is a unique and different experience, I really like the regime we lead, it’s another life. When I finished high school, I took a year of Nursing and then I decided on military life. ”

His interest in the Armed Forces manifested itself from a very young age. When he was 15 years old, he wanted to enter the Naval Academy, but due to his age, since he had to enroll as soon as he finished elementary school, he did not manage to enter the institution. Years later, her interest in the Navy continued to be latent, a sacrifice that led her to prepare herself academically for more than a year, intensively, to pass the exams required to enter the career of an officer of the Navy.

Tamara is the only child and, for that reason, throughout her story she always emphasized the importance of the naval family as one of the main axes in her affective life: “It happens to me that I do not have brothers and the truth that the Navy gave me 75 brothers (your classmates) “.

In addition, he says that during the four years at the Naval School his mother had a hard time adapting to absences; but they served to prepare for these eight months of the Instruction Trip: “The good thing is that we return to Buenos Aires in April, there we will meet again with our families that are the engine that drives us to continue”.

As for the Instruction Trip aboard the frigate “Libertad”, it has many expectations and it is the first time that it has left the country. During these months, one of its main objectives is to be educated and trained to be able to meet the graduation requirements; and, at the same time, generate cultural and professional exchanges with other Armed Forces: “We are going to live the Encounter of Tall Ships ‘Velas Latinoamérica 2018’, that means that we are going to connect with other countries, get to know other cultures and exchange experiences with other midshipmen. In fact, other forces are on board our ship and that is very important to strengthen the bonds of friendship.”

When speaking of vocation, the young Guardiamarina in Commission did not hesitate to answer that his is the “Argentine Navy”: “I feel the Force as something of mine, I love the Navy as my life, and everything that gives me is tremendous , I live an incomparable experience and love is unique “.

When talking about his hometown, despite having become accustomed to uprooting, his family and friends are always present in his list of memories. Also the typical food that for her is her favorite, the Milanese sandwich.

Tamara also says that her favorite sport is hockey. From a very young age she was part of the Lince Rugby Club of Tucumán with which she continues to be in contact: “The club is another family that I have and during the four years of school I continued to improve myself”, she explained.

The future officer of the Navy admits that in the near future she would like to sail in southern waters and be part of an Antarctic Campaign; He also expressed that he would like to winter in the white continent: “I would like to follow the communications orientation and then do, at some point, the International Relations career because I like everything related to protocol and ceremonial. Undoubtedly, this Encounter of Tall Ships includes all this. ”


On Saturday, March 17, the frigate school ship ARA “Libertad” sailed from the Naval Post Office Buenos Aires to begin its 47th Naval Training Trip. His itinerary will include 19 ports of America and participation in the International Tall Ship Encounter “Velas Latinoamérica 2018”.

At the ceremony, the Chief of the General Staff of the Navy, Vice Admiral José Luis Villán, accompanied by other naval authorities, family and friends, dismissed the crew wishing good winds and calm seas. The crew members have the mission to represent the country abroad, the Argentine Navy and each of the provinces and cities from which they are native.

The crew, commanded by Captain Carlos Gabriel Funes, is composed of 26 officers, 76 midshipmen on commission -of whom 11 are women- and 192 non-commissioned officers. They are on board guests of training institutes of the Argentine Navy (National School of Nautical, National Fluvial School and Naval Lyceums), of the Institute of the Foreign Service of the Nation, of the National Armed Forces, of the Federal Police, of the Prefecture Naval Argentina and National Gendarmerie. Foreign armed cadets from South Africa, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Suriname, the United States, Canada, China, Germany and Italy will also participate in the trip.

The midshipmen in commission of the Military Naval School (ESNM) aboard the frigate belong to the 147 ° Promotions of the Naval Escalafon Command Corps, 82 ° of Marine Infantry and 103 ° of the Escalafón Intendance Professional Body and will complete their general and professional training , complying with the requirements of the ESNM curriculum.

The trip will last for 8 months and will sail 25,000 nautical miles equivalent to 46,300 kilometers. The itinerary includes the ports of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Punta del Este (Uruguay), Montevideo (Uruguay), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Ushuaia (Argentina), Cape Horn (Chile), Punta Arenas (Chile), Talcahuano (Chile), Valparaíso (Chile), Antofagasta (Chile), Callao (Peru), Guayaquil (Ecuador), Balboa (Panama), Cartagena de Indias (Colombia), Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), Cozumel (Mexico), Veracruz ( Mexico), Baltimore (USA), San José de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico), Fortaleza (Brazil); ending on November 17 in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

The International Sailboats Encounter “Velas Latinoamérica 2018” will take place during the Naval Training Tour and is the third of its kind. On this occasion it is organized by the Republic of Chile, within the framework of the celebrations of the Bicentenary of the Independence Jury, the first departure of the Naval Squadron and the creation of the Naval School “Arturo Prat”. Navies from ten countries will travel for 157 days in Latin American and Caribbean cities in a journey that will last more than 6 months.

The background of the “Velas Latinoamérica” ​​dates back to 2010, when the Armada of Argentina and Chile decided to organize in a combined manner the first International Encounter of Tall Ships. This was motivated by the celebration of the bicentennial of the first acts of independence in South America that were forged in 1810 and in the wake of the success achieved – which allowed an important professional, intellectual and cultural exchange that strengthened the bonds of fraternity and friendship between different nations and its Armed – the Latin American Armed Forces agreed at the XXV Inter-American Naval Conference to hold a meeting called “Velas Latinoamérica” ​​every four years. Thus, the second edition, in 2014, was in charge of the Argentine Navy,