Champlain supplies the Scattered Islands

On February 17, 2018, Champlain Multi-Mission Building (B2M) embarked on a new Scattered Islands Refueling Tour (TRDI). These islands, scattered in the Mozambique Channel in western Madagascar, represent an important economic and political stake for France.

The seaborne freight transport is essential for these easily accessible by air and islands inhabited only by military detachments of the 2 nd Regiment of Marine Infantry Parachute (RPIMa) and the Foreign Legion .

From Europa to Glorious via Juan de Nova, the transport of food and other equipment to the islands is often difficult in case of adverse weather conditions. Thus, the Champlain had to cope with the passage of two successive cyclones near the area. For this mission, ten sailors from L’Astrolabe were welcomed aboard the Champlain to provide a reinforcement of personnel necessary during the unloading of freight.

The building has various means to perform this type of mission, including a bonded vessel with the capacity to transport cargo and “beacher” on the beaches of the Éparses Islands. A spacious rear deck allows you to carry several containers. A crane to load and unload the building is also useful. This equipment allowed the sailors on board for this TRDI to deliver more than 50 tons of equipment.

National naval units deployed overseas respond to diversified challenges: illegal fishing in Guyana and in French Southern and Antarctic lands, large migratory flows in Mayotte, natural disasters, piracy in the Indian Ocean or narcotraffic in the West Indies. Nearly 2,300 sailors constantly watch over France’s interests in these ultra-marine areas to guarantee our sovereignty.

About twenty buildings and a dozen aircraft, planes and helicopters, are assigned overseas and dedicated to the maritime safeguard, the operational and strategic watch and the regional maritime cooperation.

The  program “Marine Surveillance and Response Building” provides for the renewal and replacement of some of these aging assets.