20 Warships and Auxiliaries of Russian Pacific Fleet Training at Sea

Today, in accordance with the combat training plan, the Pacific Fleet surface ships, submarines and auxiliary vessels have started to work out training drills in some training areas of Peter the Great Gulf.

The exercise on piloting ships behind sweeps when leaving main base was conducted by the major ASW ship Admiral Panteleyev in cooperation with three coastal minesweepers. A bit later, the major ASW ship and the Guards missile cruiser Varyag worked out counter naval battle.

Also, the abovementioned warships practised assisting the ship in distress, conducted evacuation of seamen from the mock damaged vessel. For this purpose, the Ka-27PS shipborne helicopter and standard high-speed waterborne platforms were used.

In course of the exercise, the major ASW ships Admiral Tributs and Admiral Vinogradov carried out laying mock mines.

In total, the Pacific Fleet combat training ranges hosted about 20 ships, submarines and auxiliary vessels for the drills.