Mission accomplished for FS Provence

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On March 15, the multi-mission frigate (FREMM) Provence crossed the passes of the port of Brest after two months of mission in the Far North. Since her departure last January, she has traveled more than 10,000 kilometers in the English Channel, North Atlantic, Baltic Sea and Norway. It has thus developed its interoperability with the navies and allied countries of the zone.

This deployment was an opportunity, for example, to work on common procedures and tactics with the Danes, Germans, British, Dutch and Norwegians, to increase the knowledge of these maritime and coastal areas. 

This mission was articulated in two phases: a first part alongside the command and supply building (BCR) Somme during patrols in the Atlantic and Baltic1; a second which was part of exercises TG18.1 and Dynamic Guard. These operational trainings were mainly devoted to the preparation of the future commanders of Norwegian, British and Dutch submarines. La Provence was then assumed the role of an anti-submarine frigate, looking for an enemy submarine infiltrated in Norwegian territorial waters.

This mission also confirmed the performance and capabilities of the FREMM / Caiman Marine couple , capable of evolving in extreme conditions: beyond the Arctic Circle, with temperatures approaching -15 °, in fjords with extremely high water temperatures. constricted by winds and seas raging in the North Atlantic and even frozen and icy Baltic waters.

This is the first time a FREMM and its Cayman helicopter have sailed at such high latitudes in the heart of winter. The FREMM / Cayman couple has shown its complementarity and the formidable efficiency of its sensors, both in the sea and above the surface.

Stockholm (Denmark), Oslo, Bergen, Tromsø (Norway) and Reykjavik (Iceland) were the stages of this extraordinary journey and an opportunity for Provence to promote French naval, aeronautic and industrial know-how to the civil authorities. and local military.

The success of this mission is primarily the result of the work of women and men who have worked in crew. Between members of the FREMM Provence crew and the Caiman Marine detachment of the first 33F flotilla. But also with the sailors of the BCR Somme , and with the allies of France in NATO. The close links between the shore and the sailors of the Transformation and Reinforcement Group of Brest (GTR) have also helped to strengthen the workforce of Provence to allow it to always push its limits.

1 FREMM Provence sailed from Brest on January 15th.

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