ARA Sarandí Assisted Wounded Fishing Vessen Crewmember

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The destroyer ARA “Sarandí”, who was in the search area of ​​the submarine ARA “San Juan”, had to go March 13th to an emergency call by a wounded man on board a fishing boat, 290 miles east of Comodoro Rivadavia.

A doctor of the ship of the Argentine Navy managed to save the life of the wounded one, that soon was transferred to Rawson.

The emergency call came to the National SAR Agency around 15 yesterday, informing that a crew member of the fishing boat “Praia do Santa Cruz”, with the Belizean flag, had suffered the amputation of a hand manipulating a saw to cut fish.

In this sense, the ARA “Sarandí” came to meet the fisherman and at night he highlighted a doctor and a nurse and supplies to assist Joel Rodrigues, 23-year-old Portuguese, who had a very serious wound that put his life at high risk .

This morning, a helicopter from the Naval Prefecture flew to the fishing boat to evacuate the injured person and transfer him to the Rawson health center.

A month ago, the ARA “Sarandí” had to go to another emergency at sea while operating in the search area of ​​”San Juan”. It was the Italian-flagged sailboat “Crilu” that had gone astray in the sea .

The “Sarandi” sailed last Saturday from Puerto Belgrano to join again the search for “San Juan” and plans to rejoin it in the coming hours. For its part, the ship “Yantar” of the Russian Federation returned to Buenos Aires to replenish, after more than 3 months of uninterrupted stay in the search zone of the Argentine submarine, where it plans to return in the coming days.