Brazilian Navy’s Prosub Program


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Brazil is not just land. The national territory also encompasses the territorial sea, in which the nation has sovereignty to develop economic activities fundamental for the development of the country. it is in this maritime area that Brazilians develop their fishing activities, foreign trade and the exploitation of biological and mineral resources. The sea is the way of 95% of our exports and imports and holds 85% of all oil in the national territory. The immense wealth of the waters, of the bed and of the marine subsoil in this territory justifies its name: Blue Amazon.

The Blue Amazon covers an area of ​​3.5 million square kilometers. But the country is calling on the United Nations to extend these boundaries to the limits of the Continental Shelf, which should raise the sea area to about 4.5 million square kilometers – equivalent to half of Brazil’s land area.

To protect this natural heritage and guarantee Brazilian sovereignty at sea, the Brazilian Navy invests in the expansion of the naval force and in the development of the defense industry. An essential part of this investment is the Submarine Development Program (Prosub). Born with a technology transfer agreement between Brazil and France in 2008, the program will enable the production of four conventional submarines, which will be added to the fleet of five existing submarines. And will culminate in the manufacture of the first Brazilian submarine with nuclear propulsion.

Prosub will endow the Brazilian defense industry with state-of-the-art nuclear technology – a highlight in the National Defense Strategy. The implementation of the program also strengthens national industrial sectors of strategic importance for the country’s economic development. Prioritizing the acquisition of components manufactured in Brazil for submarines, Prosub is a strong incentive to our industrial park.

In addition to the five submarines, PROSUB establishes the construction of a naval infrastructure complex, which includes the Shipyard and Naval Base (EBN) and the Metal Structures Manufacturing Unit (UFEM), in the municipality of Itaguaí, in the city of Odebrecht. The inaugurations of the UFEM (read the magazine) and the Construction Site’s Main Building (see the folder) represent the conclusion of the first two stages of construction of this complex and the first steps of this great achievement of national defense.