Binational Mistral Transit of Suez Canal

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On February 25th, the “Tonere” projection and command building (BPC) and its Egyptian sistership the BPC “Anwar El Sadat” traveled together the Suez Canal between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. They were escorted respectively by the Gowind “El Fateh”, which led the march, and by the Air Defense Frigate (FDA) “Chevalier Paul”.

This is the first time that two PCBs have been traveling in the same convoy via the Suez Canal. This joint crossing marked for the amphibious task group 473.01 (composed of the two ships of the Navy) the continuation of the cooperation with the Egyptian Navy, initiated during the exercise “Cleopatra 18” conducted a few days earlier at sea. Red.

The two amphibians separated on their entry into the Mediterranean Sea, the “Anwar El Sadat” and the “El Fateh” regaining Alexandria while the “Tonerre” and the “Chevalier Paul” continued their navigation in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

The two French ships thus began their transit back to the port-base after leaving Toulon on November 21st, for a deployment that led them to the Arabian-Persian Gulf.

Called “Bois Belleau 100”, in reference to the centenary of this battle of the first world war, which was the first engagement of the American troops on the French territory, this deployment has for function to ensure the defense of the French interests in a strategic region from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean, and to maintain and maintain a very high level of interoperability with the US Navy and the Marine Corps in the amphibian domain.