Brazil to Commission Ex-HMS Ocean June 29th

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On the morning of February 19, in Plymouth, England, the Director General of Marine Material, Fleet Admiral Luiz Henrique Caroli, representing the Brazilian Navy, signed the HMS “Ocean” transfer agreement with the Ministry authorities of the British Defense.

Having been incorporated into the Royal Navy (UK) in 1998, the HMS “Ocean” was designed to carry out amphibious operations with embedded helicopters and Royal Marines, of humanitarian aid, such as occurred in September 2017, when that ship watched the Caribbean people who were plagued by Hurricane Irma.

In the Brazilian Navy, HMS “Ocean” will be employed in helicopter air operations, amphibious operations with Marine troops and Maritime Area Control missions to protect our Maritime Communications Lines, as well as assistance to natural disasters and support for peacekeeping operations.

The merger of HMS “Ocean” into MB will be on June 29, 2018, and the ship transfer process is expected to be completed by the end of July, arriving in Brazil in August. Until then, the Brazilian crew will take courses in the RN, in companies manufacturing equipment and intensive training, and the ship will perform maintenance and dockage services in a British shipyard, so that it is received in its best conditions of material and preparation of our people.

The HMS “Ocean” has the following characteristics:

· Total length: 203,43 m;
· Displacement loaded: 21,578 t;
· Maximum sustained speed (VMM) predicted in project: 18.0 knots;
· Range of action: 8,000 nautical miles;
· Accommodation for troops: 806 Marines; and
· Aircraft on board: 18 helicopters.

The ship has the capacity to operate simultaneously up to 7 aircraft on its flight deck, being able to use all types of helicopters belonging to the Brazilian Navy Squadrons: Seahawk (SH-16), Cougar (UH-15 A / B) ; Lynx (AH-11B), Squirrel (UH-12/13), Bell Jet Ranger III (IH-6B) and Super Puma (UH-14).