NRP Alvares Cabral Visits Mauritania

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The frigate of the Portuguese Navy “Álvares Cabral” docked this Monday, February 12, at the port of Nouakchott in Mauritania, where it will remain until February 13, in order to develop training and cooperation actions with the Navy of Mauritania, promoting cooperation and interoperability with counterparts.

Portugal and Mauritania are two countries that are part of the Defense Policy initiative 5 + 5, a dialogue that was launched in 1983 and aims to promote cooperation between the countries bordering the Western Mediterranean, namely France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Malta and the countries of the Maghreb, Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia (to the south). Indeed, this initiative aims to create and maintain a climate of trust and frank cooperation between the ten countries in response to common challenges in the area of ​​security and defense.
The visit of the NRP Álvares Cabral to this port is also part of the Mar Open Initiative mission, whose main objective is to contribute to the international effort to train the Gulf of Guinea countries on maritime safety and the fight against illegal activities at sea .
It should also be noted that, during the transit from the Naval Base of Lisbon to Mauritania, NRP Álvares Cabral carried out various training actions in order to maintain its standards of operational readiness, of which ship in the face of the asymmetrical and unconventional threat, portable and medium-caliber weapon fire, and the garrison training in response to internal emergency situations, such as fires or floods, malfunctions in the system of government or man overboard.