Keel Laid for First Turkish LHD

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It has been held in the Turkish shipyard of SEDEF in Tuzla, Istanbul, the keel laying of the vessel TCG Anadolu, whose design, based on the carrier Juan Carlos I and the ALHD for Australia, has been developed by Navantia. It is therefore a matter of technology and Spanish design successfully exported first to Australia, for whom two of these mega-ships were built, and now to Turkey.

The contract, signed on July 30, 2015 between the shipyard of SEDEF and Navantia, includes ship engineering and technology transfer, through the provision of plans and functional design and construction documents.

Likewise, it includes the supply of the five Diesel-Generator groups, manufactured by the Motors Factory and a platform control system (IPMS), developed by Navantia Sistemas. Finally, also as part of the contract, Navantia provides technical assistance to the shipyard through the establishment in Turkey of a resident team for five years.

This contract involves the entry of Navantia into the Turkish market, and the consolidation of Navantia as a benchmark in the LHD market (Landing Helicopter Dock), amphibious mega-ships with the ability to project troops, with landing craft, which are also carriers of aircraft.