Argentine Coast Guard Guarani (GC 195) Launched in Israel

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The new coastguard of the Prefectura Naval Argentina GC 195 (which will be called GUARANÍ) was launched in Israel and will soon join the fleet of the National Maritime Authority for the security and control of the waters and maritime and fluvial borders of Argentina.

This is the first of the four “Shaldag” units that the Ministry of National Security acquired, in agreement with the Ministry of Defense of Israel (SIBAT), within the framework of the re-equipment established for the Naval Prefecture.

The boats are 25.5 meters in length (long), 6 in width (sleeve) and 1 in draft (height). Their displacement is 58 tons and they can sail at a maximum speed of 48 knots (90 kilometers per hour) and at an economic cruising speed of between 12 and 20 knots. Its crew will be 10 troops specialized in border security.

The modern coastguards, manufactured in the shipyard Israel Shipyards Ltd of Haifa, have important strengths that turn them into extremely useful units for the tasks of prevention and control in special areas, standing out:

– Configuration according to requirements of the Argentine Naval Prefecture.

– High speed (48 knots).

– Acceleration of 0-40 knots in one minute.

– Good marine behavior.

– Outstanding maneuverability.

– Exceptionally moderate pitch in all sea states.

– Adequate and suitable motorization that can be quickly familiarized by technical personnel of the Prefectura Naval Argentina.

– Minimum draft, which allows to operate in shallow waters.

– Modern navigation, communications, electro-optical and armament equipment.

– Proven operational experience: there are currently twenty eight Shaldag boats operating in the world

– Easy to operate and low maintenance cost.

– Autonomy 750 nautical miles.

– Gyrestabilized armament operated remotely, equipped with high precision electro-optical cameras, which allows to make warning shots with security.

– Great ability to operate both day and night.

– Theoretical-practical training for crews.