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“Defense and industry work together for the country” so the Minister of Defense Roberta Pinotti at the launching ceremony of the frigate “Antonio Marceglia” took place this morning.

“Ship Marceglia is the example of the excellent industrial integration crucial for a common European policy. A new step has been made toward the Navy of the future Military, thanks to the extraordinary skills of our yards and ingenuity of the designers, the result of strong collaboration between industry and defense. ”

So the Minister Pinotti this morning, during the launching ceremony of the frigate “Antonio Marceglia”, eighth in a series of 10 units FREMM (European Multi-Mission Frigates) commissioned from Fincantieri by the Italian Navy in the framework of international cooperation between Italy -french, with the coordination of OCCAR, the joint organization for European cooperation on armaments.

The ceremony – which took place at the plant in Riva Trigoso the integrated military shipyard – was attended by the Chief of Staff of the Navy, Vice Admiral Valter Girardelli, the CEO of Fincantieri, Giuseppe Bono, the President of the Liguria Region, Giovanni Toti well as numerous civil and religious authorities.

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Godmother to the ship was Mrs. Silvia Marceglia, grandson of the Gold Medal for Valor Antonio Marceglia.

The Pinotti Minister spoke of “great harmony” between the State and the defense industry: “We work together and work for the country. We needed to have a manned ocean,” said the Minister in relation to the great importance of the transactions for the security in the Mediterranean, in which is engaged the Navy. The minister stressed the importance of the agreement between Italy and France in the field of shipbuilding, calling it “a great satisfaction” and has decided to recall its ongoing commitment to the common European defense, “to really integrate defense Europe must go through industrial integration in order to establish the whole process of common interests “. He added, ”

Following the launching, the unit will continue the construction activities at the plant in Muggiano, La Spezia, and will be delivered in 2019. Ship “Antonio Marceglia” will be characterized, like the others, by a high flexibility of use and It will have the ability to operate in all tactical situations.

The FREMM program stems from the renewal of the line of Navy units of the Lupo class (already radiated) and Mistral (close to reaching the operating life limit), built by Fincantieri in the seventies.

In the course of 2013 have been delivered “Carlo Bergamini” and “Virginio Fasan”, in 2014 “Carlo Margottini”, in 2015 “policeman”, in 2016 “Alpine” in 2017 and “Luigi Rizzo”. By exercising the option, in April 2015, for the construction of the ninth and tenth units, whose delivery is expected after 2020, was fully implemented at the Italian program.

The initiative sees the participation as a prime contractor for Italy of Horizon Sistemi Navali (51% Fincantieri, Leonardo 49%) and for France Armaris (+ Thales Naval Group).

This cooperation has capitalized on the positive experience of the previous Italo-French program “Horizon” that led to the construction of two destroyers for the Italian Navy, l ‘ “Andrea Doria” and “Caio Duilio”.

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