Provence “blazes” the sky for the first time

On 27 November 2017, the multi-mission frigate (FREMM) Provence drove its first missile missile Aster. No French FREMM had yet fired such a missile in the Atlantic. The target was destroyed in a few seconds by this French-made missile. La Provence has demonstrated the effectiveness of its system.

The FREMM Aster 15 (AS 15) weapon system, also known as the Aster Weapons Management Launch System* (AWMLS), provides the combat ship with a large protection bubble, in which any potential target is immediately detected. , classified and, if necessary, destroyed by the missile which can hit it at the speed of MACH 3 (3700 km / h).

Capable of handling all types of aerial threats (fighter jets, anti-ship missiles, flying missiles, cruise missiles or diving antiradar), this system combines the three-dimensional surveillance radar and the latest generation firing control from the frigate to the missile AS 15. This allows it to simultaneously handle multiple threats by simultaneously guiding a large number of missiles.

*weapon launch management system

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