Franco-Egyptian operational training in the Red Sea

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On the return transit of her first operational deployment, the Auvergne frigate conducted a series of exercises with Egyptian Navy vessels in the Red Sea.

Auvergne and patrol boats of type 148 “October 21 (in reference to the revolt of Cairo against Bonaparte, October 21, 1798) and April 25 (in reference to the return of Sinai by Israel, April 25, 1982), were found off the eastern coast of Egypt for a day of joint exercises.

After a shot on floating goal, the visiting team of 21 October came aboard the Auvergne to train in the control operations of ships on the high seas. The three vessels then conducted an exercise of evolution in strength formed, under the aerial surveillance of the Auvergne Caiman helicopter, then training in electronic warfare.

On the occasion of this day of joint training, two Egyptian officers assigned to the Egyptian frigate Tahya Misr boarded the Auvergne. They will stay there until the return of the frigate in the Mediterranean, which will allow them to deepen their knowledge of the French navy and to forge links with their French counterparts.

This exercise confirms the interoperability and the high degree of cooperation between the two navies, developed during the Ramses and Cleopatra bilateral training sessions in 2017. France and Egypt are united to guarantee regional stability and the security of maritime routes around the world. major strategic areas such as the Suez Canal and the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait.