ARA San Juan Official Update December 18th

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Buenos Aires, December 18, 2017.

The Argentine Navy, under the Ministry of Defense, within the framework of search operations of the Submarine ARA “San Juan”, informs that the destroyer ARA “La Argentina” and the oceanographic vessel “Protector” of the United Kingdom, they find sweeping the seabed of the search area, and the warning ARA “Islands Falklands “with the Russian ROV” Panther Plus “on board, will rejoin the day of the date.

For its part, the oceanographic vessel “Atlantis” of the United States of America and the oceanographic vessel “Yantar” of the Russian Federation, who are in the Naval Base Mar del Plata and port of Buenos Aires, respectively, to carry out replenishment and replacement of personnel, they plan to return to the operations at the end of this week.

For today, moderate winds from the western sector are expected with waves of two meters, facilitating the search again.

Regarding the sighting produced on the 15th of the current, of a black object floating in front of the coast of the Orense spa (party of Tres Arroyos, south of the Province of Buenos Aires) made by an observer with binoculars, the Naval Prefecture Argentina (PNA) of Necochea yesterday highlighted the area to the Coast Guard “Rio Paraguay” and the Argentine Navy ordered to decorate a helicopter from the Aeronaval Base Commander Espora to perform visual search and radar, both with result negative. To this end, however, the Naval Hydrography Service promulgated a warning for coastal traffic.

The Argentine Navy and the Ministry of Defense maintain the commitment of accompany the relatives of the 44 crew members, lodging them and assisting them in all the basic needs.