Figueira da Foz Continues Mission in the Azores

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The mission period, in coordination with the Local Maritime Authority, was to prevent illegal fishing activity in the reserve areas of the Condor Bank as well as the use of longline gear within 3 miles. At the same time, the surveillance and inspection of the fishing vessels in the area of ​​the Bank of the Azores and the Bank Princess Alice were carried out.

The safety conditions of vessels and on-board personnel were also verified, namely, confirmation of the existence on board of the means of salvation required for each type of vessel.

During the course of the inspection actions, the masters of the vessels were sensitized on important aspects of safety and protection of living resources, alerting the validity of equipment (life rafts, vests and fire extinguishers) necessary for a rescue at sea and for its correct use. During the mission two vessels were detected in a situation of presumed infraction, namely with failures in the systems of security and continuous monitoring of the fishing.

The archipelago of the Azores is located in the confluence zones of the American, Eurasian and African lithospheric plates, in an extensive area of ​​the Atlantic characterized by depths of less than 2000 meters, approximately triangular in shape.