Destroyer Andrea Doria Completed Operation Sea Guardian

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With the entry into port in Aksaz, Turkey, on Monday 11 December, the commitment of the destroyer Andrea Doria has terminated, acting as Flagship of Task Group 440.03 of the NATO Operation Sea Guardian.

In the almost two weeks of activity, ship Doria and the commanded naval group, composed of the Turkish frigate TCG Gediz and supported by two submarines, the Greek HS Pontos and the Turkish TCG Gur, patrolled the central Mediterranean in the framework of the protection of the interests of the Alliance against maritime security threats in the Mediterranean, promoting counter-terrorism actions and freedom of navigation.

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During the stop in Aksaz, the ship captain Andrea Doria and Task Group 440.03, captain of vessel Valentino Rinaldi , met the commander of the Naval Base of Aksaz, Rear Admiral Ilker Ozkan and the commander of the Task Group South, Rear Admiral Hakan Ercan . The visit represented the clear will of the Atlantic Alliance to continue to move in the direction of cooperation between the military navies of the Member States.

The stop in the Turkish base was also used for a post mission briefing, which allowed the commanders of the naval units involved in the operation to share the experiences gained.

The Operation Sea Guardian aims to increase the coordination between the activities of NATO and those of the European Union conducted with the operation EUNAVFORMED Sophia in the Mediterranean, in order to improve European defense and collective security by ensuring greater synergies and exploiting the peculiarities of each organization. It is an operation capable of guaranteeing a wide range of operational maritime security tasks including the surveillance of maritime areas of interest and the fight against maritime terrorism while ensuring training for the security forces of the coastal countries (Maritime Security Capacity -Building). In addition to these activities, the Operation can exert maritime interdiction, protection of freedom of navigation, protection of sensitive maritime infrastructures and the fight against the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.