ARA San Juan Official Update December 15th

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Buenos Aires, December 15, 2017.
The Argentine Navy, under the Ministry of Defense, within the framework of search operations of the ARA Submarine “San Juan”, informs that it is currently they find in the search area the Destroyer ARA “Argentina” and the ships oceanographic “Protector” of the United Kingdom and “Atlantis” of the United States of North America, forecast starting today afternoon and over the weekend, adverse weather conditions, making identification tasks difficult.
The ARA Notice “Islas Malvinas” with the Russian ROV “Panther Plus” on board, is find navigating to the area of ​​operations to replace the Warning ARA “Puerto Argentino” which is in demand of Comodoro Rivadavia for replenishment and replacement of personnel.
In these thirty days of uninterrupted effort, twenty-seven contacts were investigated on the seabed without a positive result, corresponding to fishing sunken, rock formations and bottom slopes, among other detected objects.
Up to now, nineteen Argentine Armed Forces participated in the operation of search:
 (15) naval units: the ARA corvettes “Rosales”, “Espora”, “Robinson”, “Spiro”, “Drummond”, “Granville”; the Logistic Ship ARA “Patagonia”; the notices ARA “Puerto Argentino” and “Islas Malvinas”; oceanographic vessels ARA “Puerto Deseado” and “Austral” (both of CONICET); the destroyers ARA “The Argentina “,” Sarandí “and” Almirante Brown “, and the ARA Transport” San Blas”. (4) naval units: a Turbo Tracker aircraft, two B-200 aircraft and a Fennec helicopter (on board).
The Argentine Air Force joined the effort with a Hercules C-130; the army Argentino contributed trucks to transport materials in Comodoro Rivadavia; the PNA added the ship of the Salvage Service “Tango” and the Ministry of Agribusiness the oceanographic vessel “Dr. Angelescu. ”
Likewise, personnel of the Argentine Army participated in the interpretation analysis of satellite images provided by CONAE (National Activities Commission
It was also supported by media from five foreign countries (Brazil, Chile, USA, Russian Federation and United Kingdom) who provided personnel highly qualified, aircraft, ships and equipment with the latest technology for search, rescue and identification tasks.
The Argentine Navy, as responsible for the National SAR Agency, formed the Navy Training and Enlistment Command (COAA), based in Puerto Belgrano Naval Base, a Combined Naval Staff composed of
personnel of the Sea Fleet, Naval Aviation, Marine Corps and Force Submarines; adding liaison officers of the United States Navy, United United and Russian Federation, in order to make compatible efforts and optimize the search. This allowed us to count on the advice of the navies of the world that have the most experience in this operation of maximum complexity without precedents in world naval history.
From the first day, a team of psychologists, psychiatrists and doctors, military and civilians, of the Navy and the Ministries of Defense and Justice, works in the containment, support and assistance to each of the family members of our 44 crew members.
At the end of thirty days since the last link with the submarine ARA “San Juan”, the Armada Argentina continues accompanying the relatives of our 44 comrades and with the search tasks.