Crotone Returns to La Spezia After 70 days with SNMCMG2

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The participation of the Crotone ship to the Second Group of Countermeasures Mine of NATO ( Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 – SNMCMG2 ) has recently been completed.

The SNMCMG2 is an integrated multinational maritime force composed of ships belonging to different allied nations, which train and work together, and which are permanently available to carry out NATO missions with specific competencies in the fight against naval mines.

For about seventy days, Cacciamine Crotone has been included in the SNMCMG2, sailing from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Dardanelles and participating in a series of international exercises such as the ” Brilliant Mariner ” in the waters in front of Toulon, the ” NIRIIS 17 ” exercise in the waters of the Sea Aegean and the ” NURSET 17 ” in the Strait of the Dardanelles.

Nave Crotone has sailed for more than 3,000 nautical miles, touching the ports of nations such as France, Albania, Greece and Turkey and collaborating with numerous Military Marine, especially in the field of training activities for mine and NEO countermeasures ( Non-combatant Evacuation Operations).

The NATO group, under the guidance of the English flag ship HMS Enterprise, saw the participation of minesweeper units of different nationalities, such as the Turkish ships TCG Alanya and TCG Edermit, the Greek ship HS Evropi, the Bulgarian ship BS Shkval and the English ship HMS Pembroke.

Furthermore, there were no collaborations with Albanian, Israeli naval units and with NATO’s Second Standing Naval Group ( Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 – SNMG2 ), under the command of the British amphibious ship HMS Ocean.

The Cacciamine Crotone, crossed the Corinth Canal, is returning to the Italian coast to reach the naval base of La Spezia, its usual port of assignment.