Second Flood Island Refueling Tour for Champlain

Champlain left its port base of Port-de-Galets in Reunion Island to conduct a refueling mission to the Eparses Islands.

This mission aims to ensure the logistics train to these isolated islands where are present detachments of the Army, gendarmes and researchers of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands (TAAF). The presence of the State is ensured by these men and women who take turns and whose permanence is made possible by the regular delivery of freight.

At anchor successively in front of Europa, Juan de Nova, Glorious and Tromelin, the Champlain ensured, thanks to his drome, norias of supply to the ground. Food, water, fuel and equipment are disembarked in a few hours thanks to a good coordination between the Champlain’s sailors and the servicemen.

The periods of navigation between the islands are also used by the B2M to participate in the surveillance of an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) sometimes contested by the riparian countries in the Mozambique Channel.