Argentine Navy Statement on ARA San Juan December 2

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Buenos Aires, December 2, 2017.
The Argentine Navy, under the Ministry of Defense, within the framework of the operations of Submarine ARA search “San Juan”, informs that the contact detected on November 30 with
Multihaz echo sounder by the vessel “Victor Angelescu” of the Ministry of Agribusiness, was verified visually through the Russian ROV Panter Plus embarked on the ARA Notice “Islas Malvinas”,
throwing a negative result for not matching the submarine.
The contact was inspected between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. today, in position 46 ° 24.5 ‘South and 60 ° 11.7’ West at a depth of 477 m., Being elongated, with north-south slope, approximately 62 m. of length and 13 m. Tall.
After the analysis of the images obtained, it was confirmed that the contact in question was not corresponds to the hull of the Submarine ARA “San Juan”.
From the beginning, this data did not seem to the Argentine Navy coherent with the kinematics of the submarine, since it was 27 km southwest (SW) of its last reported position.
The Ministry of Defense and the Argentine Navy regret that the hasty dissemination and interpretation of the images obtained, without being previously contrasted with other sensors, and without the rigorous analysis of the Coordinating Center SAR in Puerto Belgrano, have awakened logical expectations in the family and in the whole society, having to face a new frustration now.
We maintain the commitment to inform, always with truth and transparency, all data verified, privileging the previous knowledge of the relatives of our 44 comrades.