Bois Belleau 100: Tonerre and Chevalier Paul in exercise with Egyptian Navy

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On 26 November 2017, on a patrol to the Egyptian coast, Task Group 473.1, consisting of the Tonnerre Projection and Command Building (BPC) and the Air Defense Frigate Chevalier Paul, conducted a joint training with an Egyptian Task Group consisting of BPC Andwar El Sadat, El Fatem missile corvette and missile patrolman Mahmoud Fahny.

The Panther helicopter of the 35F flotilla as well as the Cayman and the Gazelle of the 1st combat helicopter regiment (1st RHC) aboard the BPC Tonnerre, thus made several series of “Touch and Go” on the platform of the BPC Andwar El Sadat. These maneuvers continued with tactical evolutions, before ending with the execution of an anti-submarine warfare exercise against an Egyptian U-209 submarine recently admitted to active service.

These maneuvers were aimed at further strengthening the interoperability between our two navies, already developed through numerous bilateral training. They are also part of the military cooperation between France and Egypt, which is one of our main partners in the region.

For several years, the French and Egyptian navies have successfully conducted many naval cooperation actions: joint exercises in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea shipments and training on PCB and multi-mission frigate.

From November 2017 to March 2018, an amphibious group based around the PCB Tonnerre performs an operational deployment in the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean. Called “Bois Belleau 100” in reference to the centenary of this battle of the First World War, which was the first engagement of American troops on French territory, this deployment aims to maintain a high level of interoperability with the US Navy. in the amphibious field, and to ensure the defense of French interests in a strategic region from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean.