Indian Ocean: joint exercises between FS Jean Bart and ESPS Rayo

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On Friday, November 17, 2017, the frigate Jean Bart was on patrol in the Gulf of Aden. Taking advantage of the proximity of the Spanish patrol P42 Rayo, she performed with him a series of exercises combining tactical maneuver and operational technique. In parallel, an exchange of personnel took place between the two units.

This opportunity training has put into practice many operational skills and sealed the interoperability between our two navies currently deployed in the Indian Ocean with common operational objectives.

During the day, the passage of a Japanese maritime patrol aircraft, committed to the benefit of Task Force 151, allowed, for the duration of an overflight, the gathering of three units, three nations and three complementary Task Forces and in mutual support (Task Force 150, 151 and 465).

Deployed in direct support to Task Force 150 as part of the “Héraclès Mer” operation, Jean Bart’s mission is to fight against illicit activities suspected of financing terrorism and to participate in the global knowledge of the area. operations by conducting approaches and visits to buildings of interest. Jean Bart is also in support associated with Task Force 465 (Operation Atalanta) and participates in this framework in the prevention and suppression of acts of piracy in the Gulf of Aden.