Argentina Calls Off Search for ARA San Juan

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Buenos Aires, November 30, 2017.
The Ministry of Defense, and the Argentine Navy, as the enforcement authority of the Convention
International on Maritime Search and Rescue, informs that, today, Thursday 30
November, at 4:20 p.m. declared the SAR case (Search and Rescue) of the
Submarine ARA “San Juan”, changing to the search phase of it.
The reasons why this decision is sustained are:
• That the SAR plan has as its mission to carry out the search and rescue of people
endangered in the maritime, fluvial and lacustrine area under SAR Argentina jurisdiction, in order to
preserve human life at sea, which by national law 22.445 is the responsibility of the Navy
• That the integration of available SAR resources (international, state and
private), in a cooperation network for an efficient organization oriented to the
protection of human lives in the area of ​​SAR responsibility, an organization that has
counted with highly trained personnel and the most advanced technologies in the world,
They found no evidence of the shipwreck in the areas explored,
• That the surface search was carried out by air and naval units from
15 days ago, sweeping a total of 557,000 square nautical miles of visual exploration,
and 1,049,479 square nautical miles of radar exploration, without contacting the
Submarine ARA “San Juan” nor its liferafts,
• That have been arranged in the search effort: 28 ships (16 of the Navy
Argentina), 9 aircraft (3 from the Argentine Navy), 4,000 men involved (3,200 from
the Argentine Navy), adding a total of 18 support countries; and that despite the
magnitude of the efforts made, it has not been possible to locate the submarine,
• That information was received from two different sources of international organizations,
that account for a hydroacoustic anomaly in the vicinity of the last position
known from the Submarine ARA “San Juan”, and subsequently, confirmed with an event
consistent to an explosion,
• That it has more than doubled the number of days determined by the
Rescue possibilities of the endowment,
In this sense, and having analyzed all the evidence received by the units
own and by the different countries and agencies that have participated in the operation, the
Ministry of Defense and the Argentine Navy communicate that they will continue with the next
phase, which includes the search for the Submarine ARA “San Juan”.