La Motte-Picquet in the Far North

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Having set sail from Brest on 24 October to sail to the Far North, FS La Motte-Picquet crossed the Arctic Circle in early November.

The regular presence of a frigate of the Navy in these high latitudes is part of the strategic function “knowledge and anticipation” and more generally within the framework of the national policy for the Arctic Ocean, particularly dynamic in this area a strong strategic interest. In line with previous deployments, La Motte-Picquet’s mission also contributes to deepening our ties with our northern neighbors.

It was during this deployment that the sailors were able to land in Tromsö (Norway), after several days sailing in a well-formed sea and several channels in the Norwegian fjords. Tromsöe, was the first stop of the building after more than a year of operational activities off the French coast and a demanding technical stop.

Threatened by global warming and the gradual disappearance of the sea ice, the Arctic Ocean may soon see its exploited mineral, gas and oil wealth, and de facto maritime flows intensify. Increasingly present in this area, especially by the Far North missions, the French Navy allows France to play “its partition” in a region of the globe of increasing strategic interest.