ARA San Juan Update November 22

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Buenos Aires, November 22, 2017.
The Argentine Navy, under the Ministry of Defense, reports that in the framework of search operations of the ARA Submarine “San Juan”, the Training Command and Army Enlistment (COAA) continues with the best use of all available means taking into account the characteristics of the area of ​​operations (AROP), the meteorology and the type of sensors that each unit has.

Yesterday, before a sign of sighting of the HMS “Protector” of a flare in the search area, four units stood out: the Destroyer ARA “La Argentina” and the corvettes ARA “Robinson” and ARA “Rosales”, and a P8 aircraft of the United States Navy (USN) to obtain information but without achieving favorable results.

The Argentinean ship ARA Robinson (CM 45) U.S. Navy photo by Lt. Ligia Cohen.

This morning, before a possible noise in the area of ​​operations, the Destructor ARA stood out “Almirante Brown”, the Corvette ARA “Spiro” and a P3 aircraft of the Brazilian Air Force, but neither did they obtain more information or favorable results.

Likewise, no thermal images of any kind were reported.

It is expected that the Skandi Patagonia of the Total company, which carries on board the equipment of rescue of the Navy of the United States (US Navy) and personnel coordinator of the Navy Argentina, arrives this afternoon to the area of ​​operations.

From Comodoro Rivadavia, the ship Sophie Siem of the company ENAP Sipetrol is adapting and getting ready to ship more rescue material from the US Navy. All units of the Navy are affected to this search and rescue operation available and, although the weather in the search area has improved with respect to days previous, is expected to deteriorate from tomorrow.

The distribution of the list of the 44 crew of the Submarine ARA “San Juan” is limited for being the SAR case filed in the Federal Court of Caleta Olivia.