HST Conducts Anti-Terrorism Drills

USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) successfully completed the ship’s week-long Anti-Terrorism Force Protection (ATFP) Phase Four Certification while pier-side, Nov. 17.

The completion of the drills marked the end of Truman security department’s basic training phase, which was assessed by Commander, Naval Air Force Atlantic.

“This week we ran all of Naval Security Operation Experience Program’s basic drills for everything that we could encounter while performing our job,” said Master-at-Arms 1st Class Omar Delgado, security’s training petty officer. “The main purpose of us doing this is to see how well our Anti-Terrorism Training Team performs, while also training our watchstanders.”

In total, Truman conducted 34 drills covering a variety of scenarios that could be encountered whether the ship is at sea or in port. This included scenarios such as active shooter, hostage situation, alarm response, small boat surveillance, floating object, swimmer attack, protest on the pier, and penetration of the entry control point. 

“These are the standard Navy drill sets, which history has shown we need to be able to execute in order to protect the ship while we are on a deployment,” said Master Chief Master-at-Arms David Vermette, security’s departmental leading chief petty officer. “So, in order to maintain a safe port visit, transit through the straits, or anchor anywhere during operations, there are certain wickets that we need to be able to execute in order to protect the ship in vulnerable situations.”

Vermette said Truman is now ready to conduct their Force Protection Exercise, a more advanced level of ATFP drills, which will allow the ship to pull into foreign ports during deployment.

“We are constantly trying to improve not only our training team, but also our watchstanders,” said Delgado. “I’ve been extremely pleased with our Sailors’ effort this week. We showed up ready to dominate this inspection and performed extremely well, so I’m very proud of everyone involved.”