Patrol ship back from the Caribbean

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Patrol Ship HNLMS Zeeland returned to Den Helder’s home this morning. It was a 4-month station ship in the Caribbean and made a significant contribution to emergency aid to the Dutch Windward Islands and Dominica. These were affected by hurricanes.

After the passage of Hurricane Irma, Zeeland provided support staff and equipment from Aruba for Saint Eustatius, Saba and Saint Martin. The maritime NH90 board helicopter surveyed the damage to the islands. The ship’s quick interception vessels, the FRISCs, conducted port research and provided (technical) support to the Coast Guard.

On September 22, Zeeland left for Dominica to provide emergency relief. The ship mapped out the damage, carried out medical evacuations and provided emergency services.

In total, Zeeland produced 154,300 liters of drinking water for the 4 upper winded islands. In addition, it delivered 24,000 kilos of high energy biscuits, 19,500 kilograms of other food and liter of 2,200 diesel to the affected islands.

HNLMS Zeeland took 12 bales with a total of 600 kg of cocaine from the Caribbean Sea on the departure of the departure.

Supporting civil and local authorities by providing emergency aid is one of the three main tasks of the Caribbean Defense. In addition, the station ship helps the Coast Guard and performs counter-drug operations.

The M-frigate HNLMS Van Speijk relieved Zeeland as a station ship and left for the Caribbean on 29 October.